Studio 5

RavensFire, Studio 5, 2016, Rochester MN

Judy, Melissa and Larry at Studio 5

Once again Bonita at Studio 5 hosted a fantastic evening of fun and music for us. So many of our friends showed up to enjoy the music that they blew us away with their enthusiasm! There’s something special about encouragement and appreciation that brings out our best.

RavensFire, Studio 5, 2016

Dancing a reel to RavensFire

It also brought out two of our favorite friends … Ella and Addy, who are learning Irish dance. They wowed the crowd with their fun and excitement. Pure joy!

We were so caught up in the fun that we signed up for another evening of music on April 16, right after we return from the RavensFire world tour. I hope you can join us again for music and stories.