Over the Back Fence

Over the Back Fence, Lanesboro MNOnce a month the folks in Lanesboro host a community variety show. They’ve sold out at the St. Mane Theater on Lanesboro’s main street for twenty-six years. The theme of this episode was Yellow so most of the rest of the program featured something yellow, like Chiquita Banana.

The audience loved the RavensFire set, which included Roll and Go, Whisky in a Jar, What do you do with a Drunken Sailor, and Danny Boy. The harmonies brought out the smiles, tears flowed for the ballad, and everyone joined in on Whisky in a Jar, a perennial favorite.

During the show, host Damon Prestemon interviewed band members about the recent tour of Ireland. Since he also books bands for Riverside on the Root, it looks like we might get in there at least once this summer.

The show will be broadcast on KQAL this Wednesday evening, and you can download a podcast shortly after that.