Rochesterfest and a CD Master

RavensFire with the CD Master at Rochesterfest

RavensFire with the CD Master at Rochesterfest

One of the highlights of early summer in Rochester is the week long Rochesterfest. Food, fun, a huge parade, and music on the stage every day. RavensFire had the pleasure of being invited to sing on Thursday at noon. Dozens of our friends came out to hear us and sing along.

Best of all, we had a copy of the “master” for the upcoming RavensFire album. All of the tracks for the ten songs are recorded and in the computer.

Larry, Melissa and Judy have been working with Jim from North Coast Productions, recording, mixing and tweaking to get the tracks just right, and it sounds good. Plans are coming together for a release and celebration next month. We hope you can join us to hear the results.

The other night we listened to an early copy of the CD. Some of the songs got us laughing and clapping along, and another brought us to tears. If you like RavensFire, this will be the CD for you.

Our baby will see the light of day soon.

CD Master