The CDs are here! The Party is on!

Judy with the new RavensFire CD

Judy with the new RavensFire CD

We are buzzed! We just got home with a stack of boxes from the CD duplicator in the Twin Cities! It’s the new RavensFire CDs! They are beautiful and sound great. To celebrate the release of the CD, the band is playing at Studio 5 on July 23. We hope you can join the party. You’ll hear all the songs from the CD and more. You’ve been waiting for this day since last summer, and we’ve worked hard to get the songs ready for release. The party starts at 3:00 PM at Studio 5. There’s an event invitation on our Facebook group page. If you’re thinking of coming, please let us know. We’ll hold a copy of the CD for you.

Tracks on the CD include a mix of traditional Irish tunes and original songs written by Melissa. Judy sings solo on two of them: The Riddle Song and Hush Little Baby. Tracks two and seven are traditional instrumental tunes.

  1. Whiskey in the Jar
  2. The Banshee/ Cooley’s
  3. The Sheep Went Over the Mountain/Run Away
  4. The Riddle Song
  5. Hurrah for the Heroes
  6. Hush Little Baby/Denis Murphy’s
  7. The Kesh/ Munster Buttermilk
  8. Willow Wood
  9. The Boatman’s Dance
  10. Roll and Go

You’ll find Studio 5 next door to the Post Town Winery on the West Highway 14 north frontage road, just west of Circle Drive. The fun starts at 3:00 PM and goes until 7:00 PM. Google Maps: 

Can’t wait to hear Melissa’s beautiful harmonies? Watch the video on YouTube of Roll and Go, written by Melissa.