Riverside on the Root

Riverside on the Root, Lanesboro MN, RavensFire

An evening at the Riverside on the Root

Sometimes you get lucky. Last Wednesday evening was one of those times. The weather forecast called for rain. The storms got close, but never quite reached Lanesboro, where RavensFire played for a full house at the Riverside on the Root Bar and Restaurant. Some lucky people bought a copy of our new CD, and many more simply enjoyed the music, good food and beverages. Everyone enjoyed a warm summer evening, with beautiful clouds, light breezes, and several sea shanties. We played into the night, when the clouds moved on and the stars started to show through.

Riverside on the Root, Lanesboro MN, RavensFire

Tom joined the band for a song

Thank you to the many friends, new and old, who came to see us. Riverside on the Root is one of our favorite places. The patio, the food, and the nearby trail encourage a relaxed atmosphere, letting people sing along on the choruses. Once again, one of our good friends (this time it was Tom) joined us on a song.

We will be back in Lanesboro, and at Riverside on the Root, soon. Check out the band’s calendar for details. Maybe we’ll see you at the next event?

Riverside on the Root, Lanesboro MN, RavensFire

A panoramic view of the patio at Riverside on the Root. (Click for a larger image)