Lunch on the Lawn

RavensFire, Calvary Episcopal Church, Rochester MN

Judy, Melissa, and Larry at Lunch on the Lawn

We love playing for family and friends, especially when children are in the audience. They dance and twirl to the music. Few adults will take up the challenge to actually dance, but everyone smiles when the children start moving to the music.

Then there are the children who sing along to the old favorites. A handful of special children came to Tuesday’s concert at Calvary Episcopal Church’s Lunch on the Lawn series. You might ask what made these kids more special? They were Guy and Judy’s grand children. Having grand children in the audience for Hush Little Baby adds immensely to the joy of singing. Judy’s mother sang this song to her, her grandmother sang it, and when Judy sang Hush on this warm summer day, her grand children’s mother was singing along … to her babies. Hush is only one of the ten songs on the RavensFire CD.

RavensFire plays in several different venues, and the ones with children are the best.

Calvary Episcopal Church, Rochester MN, RavensFire

RavensFire at Lunch on the Lawn (Click the image for a larger view)