Irish Fest La Crosse

RavensFire, LaCrosse WI, Irish Fest

Judy, Melissa and Larry at the La Crosse Irish Fest

Late in the summer the Irish festivals come to our area. RavensFire played for the La Crosse, Wisconsin event last weekend. The day before brought heavy rain, but Saturday dawned sunny and warm, a perfect day for enjoying music, artists, and Irish beer.

Every audience has its own personality, and the people at the La Crosse Irishfest were among the best, enthusiastically joining in to sing, clap, and enjoy the music. The babies and grand mothers danced to the rhythm, and one girl raised her bottle of soda high when Larry told the audience that he’d sing The Moonshiner, a traditional Irish song about distilling poitin, the original mountain dew made in the hills of Ireland.

Several people bought the RavensFire CD at the festival, and they asked about when the next one would be released. If you’d like your own copy of the current CD, pick one up at an upcoming performance, or send us an email. For the folks out there who aren’t familiar with the CD, you can preview it on the band’s website.

RavensFire plays dozens of other traditional Irish, Scottish, and American tunes, as well as original songs written by Melissa. You can also hear familiar cover songs with unique arrangements in an Irish style. You’ll recognize those popular songs right away, and the new harmonies are fun, exciting, and beautiful.