Roseville Wedding

RavensFire 2016Last weekend RavensFire was invited to play for a wedding in Roseville, a first-ring suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. The bride and groom chose an incredible location, the Muriel Sahlin Arboretum on Dale Street.

Playing at a wedding is always fun; there are so many stories to tell afterwards. Both the bride and groom will tell the funny story about what the best man did with the rings before handing them to the officiant. We all got a few laughs recounting the story during the reception.

Events like these remind us of our own weddings, so many years ago. Both couples in the band have been married over forty years. Watching the rain at this weekend’s wedding reminded us of the tornado watches after Judy’s wedding, and the January cold after Melissa’s wedding. Better yet are our own funny stories. Ask us about them sometime!

We wish this bride and groom at least forty years to share their stories.