Comforts of the Past

RavensFire, Spring Valley MN

Comforts of the Past in Spring Valley

Wayne and Joanie know how to follow their dream. Not long ago they opened Comforts of the Past, a coffee-house, café and antiques shop in Spring Valley. They hosted a Grand Opening and invited RavensFire to join their guests for an evening of fun, coffee, good food, and grand opening prizes. The coffee-house atmosphere reminded us of a neighborhood pub in Ireland.

Melissa has written many songs over the years, and the inspirational Follow Your Dream, dedicated to Joanie and Wayne’s Coffee Shop dream-come-true, fitted the situation perfectly.

Several friends of the band stopped by, and dozens of local folks were there, too. One of the benefits of following a band is the opportunity to visit new and exciting venues around the area. Our friends from Rochester might not have thought to visit the new café in Spring Valley, and they would have missed a fun evening, good food and a spooky new original song, Ghoulie’s Caper. Keep your eye on the band calendar and join us at the theater, a winery, or a coffee shop sometime soon. We’re working on other fun gigs, too.


The RavensFire band plays traditional Irish music, folk songs, instrumentals and original music in the style of familiar Irish tunes.