Elder Network Murder Mystery

RavensFire, 2016, Plummer House, Rochester MN

RavensFire at the Plummer House

Around Halloween each year the Elder Network hosts a fundraiser at Rochester’s Plummer House. This time the guests enjoyed a murder mystery performed by some members of the Absolute Theater, a new company in town. During the play, audience members put together clues to try to figure out the culprit. After introducing all the characters, the group split up into four rooms to gather more clues. RavensFire played during the room changes, keeping everyone’s toes tapping.

RavensFire also played while the audience gathered before the play started. The band really enjoys playing acoustically, close to the audience. We also played Ghoulie’s Caper one more time before Halloween. Melissa wrote this song about Irish ghouls, and it fits the season. We closed the evening with this tune, as several folks danced out the door, into the rainy, dark evening.

RavensFire, Rochester MN, Plummer House 2016

The RavensFire band plays traditional Irish music, folk songs, instrumentals and original music in the style of familiar Irish tunes.