Bell Ringing downtown

RavensFire, Rocehester MN, Shops at University Square

RavensFire at the Shops at University Square

Last Wednesday RavensFire was lucky to play for the Rochester Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign. Dozens, if not hundreds of people took a few minutes out of their busy day to listen to the band and do something for those in need in the Rochester area.

We enjoy sharing so many familiar, and even a few new, Christmas songs with everyone. If you missed seeing us downtown, there’s another chance to catch RavensFire ringing and singing Christmas songs. Visit the TJ Maxx Plaza next Tuesday, December 20th. Details are on the RavensFire calendar.

A big shout out to Julie and Dan for sending us pictures of this event.

The RavensFire band plays traditional Irish music, folk songs, instrumentals and original music in the style of familiar Irish tunes.