Solid State Records

solid-stateThere’s a new record shop in the Twin Cities. Vinyl records, not CDs. Phil and Hannah opened the shop in December and welcome bands to come by to play for a couple of hours. RavensFire was the first band to perform in their space.

Some friends from the Minneapolis area stopped by to hear the band play a couple of acoustic sets. Dozens of other people got to listen to the music when they came through the shop, looking for a special LP for their collection.

solid-state-with-phMany thanks to Phil and Hannah for inviting RavensFire to play at their record shop!






The RavensFire Band is well known all around the Tri-state area for their energetic performances, beautiful vocal harmonies, and skilled instrumentals while playing and singing their unique collection of lively traditional Irish, Folk, World, Americana and original music.

Browsing and listening at Solid State

Browsing and listening at Solid State