Thursdays on First

RavensFire, Thursdays on First, Rochester MN

RavensFire at Thursdays on First

Every Thursday during the summer Rochester pauses for an outdoor market featuring over 100 art, craft and food vendors and live music on two stages. This year RavensFire joined the party on a perfect June day. Hundreds, no, thousands of people filled First Avenue to soak up the warm sunshine, enjoy a burger, gyro, or ice cream sandwich while listening to RavensFire entertain them with some fun music.

Dozens of RavensFire fans showed up to enjoy old favorites like Summertime and the Banana Boat Song. We could see people singing along to most of the familiar tunes like Tom Dooley.

You have several more chances to see RavensFire this summer at festivals and restaurants around the area. Look at the calendar to see what’s available.


Thursdays on First, Rochester MN

The RavensFire Band is well known all around the area for their energetic performances, beautiful vocal harmonies, and skilled instrumentals while playing and singing their unique collection of lively traditional Irish, Folk, World, Americana and original music.