The Scottish Ramble

RavensFire at the Scottish Ramble

In April the RavensFire band played an acoustic set of familiar Scottish tunes at the last Scottish Ramble. The events took place in the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. Attendees enjoyed music, dance, food and vendors all day.

The RavensFire band played in one of the small courtrooms upstairs to a room full of people who knew all the familiar tunes. Many of them sang along to the harmonies of favorites like Melville CastleComin’ Through the Rye, and Westering Home. There’s something special about hearing dozens of people joining in to sing songs they love.

Liz Michaelson orchestrated another Scottish Ramble, but don’t count on another Ramble in St. Paul. If you’re interested in all things Scottish, you’ll have to join the band at the Scottish Fair this July at the Eagan Central Park. Details aren’t fully settled yet. (Watch the Fair’s website and the band’s calendar as we get closer.) You can count on your favorite traditional band for a couple sets of fun music. You will see lots of folks from the Ramble at the Fair.


The RavensFire Band is well known all around the area for their energetic performances, beautiful vocal harmonies, and skilled instrumentals while playing and singing their unique collection of lively traditional Scottish, Irish, Folk, World, Americana and original music.
If you’d like RavensFire to join the fun at your event, please send Melissa an email!