RavensFire at Thursdays Downtown

This is a big week for the RavensFire Band. Everything starts Thursday at opening day for the summer-long festival in downtown Rochester, the popular Thursdays Downtown. The traditional music starts at 11:30 on the First Avenue Stage. You can pick up lunch and a beverage from one of the many vendors on the street. Then you might watch some of your friends dancing to the tunes. For many of you, this is your first chance to catch a performance since the pandemic shut us down last year.
After Thursdays Downtown, RavensFire returns to Fiddlehead Coffee at Flats on Fourth for a couple of lunch time sets Saturday. (Hint: their pastries are fantastic.) The next day, Sunday the 11th, the band sets up to close the Winona County Fair in St. Charles.
There are many more chances for you to catch the band this summer. Check out the RavensFire calendar or Facebook pages for details on these and more events. We’d love to see you at one of our fun concerts.
RavensFire at Thursdays Downtown RavensFire at Thursdays Downtown

The RavensFire Band is well known around the area for energetic performances, beautiful vocal harmonies, and skilled instrumentals while playing and singing their unique collection of lively traditional Irish, Folk, World, Americana and original music.

If you’d like RavensFire to join the fun at your event,

please send Melissa an email or call her at 507-272-6710